Executives meeting - 27th May 2022


Meeting of the Student Union Executive  

Date: 27th May 2022 

Time: 4:00PM – 5:00PM 

Location: Little Room in OTM.  


  • Katy Botha  

  • Karina Karagyozova  

  • Toby Corbett   

  • Dayeabasi Enoidem  

  • Adam Pilling (Teams) 

  • Harry Chester (Teams) 


  • Henry Hunt is on Leave 

  • Zaid Al-Baldawi is on Leave 

General Updates: 

  • Katy thanks Toby and Daye for coming to the Office this week frequently and putting in lots of effort.  

  • Jo Jackson wants to train all of us for “Prevent” Training and has been asked to go in for our Executive meeting soon. 3-4 weeks from now. 

  • The NUS was recently accused of anti-semitic behavior, after inviting a rapper who had previously made anti-Semitic remarks. When Jewish students and the UJS raised this as problematic they were told to “leave the room if they had an issue”. Katy and Henry will continue to work with the NUS while the NUS runs an internal investigation in regards to anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic behavior. Pending the investigation we may decide to leave the NUS, this is a view held by a variety of Students’ Unions across the country. 

  • Green Impact: Submission has been completed, The Auditor will be coming in June and will be reviewing what we submitted.  



  • Earth Day plans, asking about the attendance of our exec team to assist with the event and working out the timing to work with student lecture times and holidays.  


  • Student Conduct and Accommodation Working Group up and coming. 

  • Big Event on the 10th of June coming up.  

  • Election for New Crewe Officer will be taking place in July. Karina suggests that the Crewe officer election should be decided exclusively by the Crewe Students and not any Buckingham Campus students.  


  • Meeting with Sarah Macdonald, Talked about a Disabled Student Allowance (DSA). Sarah has a background in DSA and basically, they just want to see how easy they can make things for disabled students and increase the speed at which changes can be made to accommodate disabled students. Quick responses on how we can support disabled students are a big focus right now.  

  • Mental Health charter meeting, going to work with Dee.  


  • Met with Pride society as a result of the form sent out, Pride Society spoke about their events, and their most recent picnic. They explained what they want for the 1st June March. They have really good ideas, and the plans are in motion! People who want to attend can attend. Met with Henry concerning cultural societies, suggested an idea where there are special days where dressing up in your culture type of clothing is encouraged to students.  

  • Email received concerning an Anti-Racist Gathering in Leeds, they want a large student presence there and want members of unions as well to show up. If we’re all available, we can go. Daye will send a link to the whole exec.