Executives meeting - 13th April 2022


Meeting of the Student Union Executive

Date: 13th April 2022

Time: 5:00PM – 6:00PM

Location: Online (Teams)


  • Henry Hunt (Teams)
  • Katy Botha (Teams)
  • Karina Karagyozova (Teams)
  • Toby Corbett (Teams)
  • Dayeabasi Enoidem (Teams)
  • Adam Pilling (Teams)
  • Harry Chester (Teams)
  • Zaid Al-Baldawi (Teams)
  • Brandyn Impey (Teams)

General Updates:

  • Katy announced achieving the NDA agreement changes.
  • More communication on what we are doing is needed because there are questions from other people on the campus about what we are doing.
  • The hydroelectricity project worked on by Katy, Toby, and the VC. Trying to find sponsors and funding so far, as well as completing research into the area.
  • NSS survey participant numbers are high, and going well.
  • Social Media takeover for the SU?  Discussions of the social media takeover and how the login and posts would be handled through Henry.


  • Middle Eastern/North African Society trying to be set up within Crewe, Harry overviewing who would run it. No problems with it, all are going ahead fine with its creation. No potential duplication or clashes with other societies.
  • The society that used to exist but did not survive 2020, the Language society is attempting to come back, reviving the old society. No issues were found with it, both societies approved it.


  • Earth Day plans, asking about the attendance of our exec team to assist with the event and working out the timing to work with student lecture times and holidays.


  • Library in Crewe soon! It will be in the Nursery building.


  • Agreed for Medical building to be 24/7.
  • 6 or more of the largest societies in the medical school want to unionise, they feel the SU is disconnected from the medical school. The union idea has been dropped for now, a meeting will take place soon of medical society presidents to discuss this issue. A meeting has already taken place with the surgical society.


  • Meeting with BSU, discussing their progress, 129 members in the BSU, great growth since the beginning of the year. The Plan for this term is to increase sports socials amongst clubs, to grow the entire BSU, a few clubs are being formed going through the trial phase. Hockey is trying to be artificially grown. 150 projected attendees from the BSU for the sports and society awards. There is now a women representative on the rugby executive.