Nigerian Society host Love like Lagos event!!


On the 8th of November 2023, the Nigerian Society hosted an event called "Love Like Lagos," which proved to be a resounding success. This event provided an opportunity for individuals to interact and connect in a unique and exciting way. Inspired by a similar matching event in Lagos, Nigeria, the event aimed to create a lively atmosphere where participants could find potential matches. With an event duration of two hours, from 6-8pm, "Love Like Lagos" delivered an unforgettable experience that left everyone in jubilation.

The main attraction of the evening was the intriguing "popping the balloon" activity. Participants were given balloons with the bachelors or bachelorettes lined up. By popping the balloon, they signalled their lack of interest and moved on to explore other potential connections. This creative concept added an element of fun and suspense to the event, keeping attendees engaged throughout the evening.

The event's name, "Love Like Lagos," paid homage to a similar matching event that takes place in Lagos, Nigeria. This connection amplified the excitement and anticipation among the participants, as they were eager to experience the vibrant and dynamic energy of Lagos-inspired matchmaking.

Amidst the laughter and cheers, many successful matches were made at "Love Like Lagos." The highlights of the evening were the winning match of Tifes, which ignited jubilation among the attendees. Witnessing this connection unfold before their eyes further intensified the enthusiasm and hope for others seeking their own romantic spark. The second was that of Uzo’s search for romance which resulted to him having to sing for his last possible bachelorette as the rest popped their balloons on him. Amidst that he still went home as a bachelor. The boys however participated with him while he sung, and this brought a closer sense of brotherhood amongst the people in the university community.

The event did not end with the matches. After the main activities concluded, participants continued to interact with each other for up to two hours. This extended period allowed individuals to engage in meaningful conversations, getting to know each other on a deeper level. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and curiosity as people explored the potential for lasting connections.

Adding to the enchanting ambiance, the bar from the OTM was intensively used as attendees needed refreshments while trying to form camaraderie’s with one another. Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy refreshing drinks, which further enhanced the overall mood of the evening. The electrifying vibes reverberated throughout the venue, creating an atmosphere that encouraged open communication.

"Love Like Lagos" was an exceptional event that brought people together in a unique and exciting way. From the thrilling "popping the balloon" activity to the successful matches and post-event interactions, it was an evening filled with anticipation, joy, and the promise of new connections. The event's connection to Lagos, Nigeria, added an extra layer of enthusiasm among the attendees, contributing to the overall success of the event. The electrifying vibes, coupled with the opportunity to mingle and engage with like-minded individuals, made "Love Like Lagos" an unforgettable experience that left a lasting impression on everyone involved.