Save money on every litre


Want to save some money on fuel? We've got some awesome tips for you. Fuel prices may have dropped a bit, but they're still higher than they were two years ago. But don't worry, we've got your back with some cool ways to save on fuel costs.


Find the cheapest fuel prices in your area

Use a handy tool like to compare prices at different filling stations. It can save you up to £8 when filling up your tank. And keep an eye out for short-lived fuel discount promotions from supermarkets like Morrisons, who currently offer 5p per litre off when you spend £35 in store.


Pay with a cashback credit card or collect points

Cashback credit cards give you money back every time you spend. Just make sure to set up a direct debit to pay off the card in full each month. We recommend the American Express Platinum Cashback Everyday card for some awesome cashback rewards.

Alternatively, if you have a Tesco clubcard or Sainsbury’s nectar card and are filling up at one of their many stations, be sure to use your loyalty card. With Tesco it’s the equivalent of 1% cashback and Sainsbury’s 0.5% cashback.


Share the driving

If possible, share the driving with friends or family. This way, you can split the fuel costs and save even more.


Make your car more fuel-efficient

  • Keep your tires inflated: Proper tire pressure reduces drag and saves fuel. So, check those tires regularly.
  • Declutter your car: The lighter your car, the less fuel it needs to move. Get rid of all that unnecessary junk in your trunk.
  • Turn off the air-conditioning at lower speeds: It uses fuel, so unless it's scorching hot outside, turn it off.
  • Think about whether you need a full tank of fuel: Less fuel means your car runs more efficiently. But keep an eye on fuel prices too.


 Drive more efficiently

  • Accelerate gradually: Pressing the accelerator too hard wastes fuel. Take it easy and reach your desired speed without burning extra fuel.
  • Change up a gear sooner: Drive in the highest gear possible without straining the engine. You'll be surprised at how much fuel you can save.
  • Don't brake unnecessarily: Let your car slow down naturally when it's safe. Frequent braking leads to more fuel consumption.
  • Listen to your engine: Sharp acceleration and screeching brakes are a no-no. Drive smoothly and save fuel.
  • Keep moving if you can: Stopping and restarting uses a lot of energy. Try to roll gradually up to traffic lights without coming to a full stop.




So, there you have it, our five-step guide to saving money on fuel. Follow these tips and watch your fuel costs go down. Happy driving!