An Update from your Basketball Club President

Amari Simmons - Basketball President

Basketball Club Update - a letter to the Basketball Community

Dear all,

After a difficult period in the first two terms due to the pandemic it seems like basketball is back. Taking over as President for the Basketball Club has been a dream of mine since I joined the university. The pandemic proved to create a number of challenges that were not easily overcame. Looking forward to the new term we have a number of great things in store. My dream for the club has always been 3-fold:

  1. Create a safe space for beginners to try their hand at the sport and learn the basics
    One of our long-standing members, Adam was relocated to the Crewe campus. Adam was an integral part to the club, overseeing practices and driving the team to games. This has left a giant void in our club and he will be greatly missed. I have taken over running practices and my personal challenge is to create engaging practices for beginners. Any feedback you guys have is very welcome!

  2. Allow those who want to sharpen their skills an avenue to do so
    This will involve competing in the Northampton League once indoor competition is back on. I’m hoping once everything settles, we can also go back to having a separate practice for the first team which would be a bit more advanced.
  3. Create an environment where new students can foster great friendships
    Personally, I think this is where basketball has been lacking. I have a few socials in mind for the club which include watch parties for basketball games or even basketball themed films and also nights out with the team where everyone can just chill. I understand that this is a basketball club first but for a lot of people these meetups are a great opportunity to meet new people.

Looking forward to the future?
We’re currently playing outside on the court near Vinson, however once indoor activity allowed, we’ll be inside once again. I know there’s a lot of people that are frustrated because of the current conditions and I’m working really hard to get us back inside as soon as humanly possible. I really appreciate the help I’ve had from everyone in getting basketball off the ground again and I’m hoping to make it a fun engaging experience for all. Thanks so much for your patience!


Your Basketball President,

Amari Simmons