BSU President update

Kelsie Wright - BSU President

Hey Everyone! 

Who knew 2 weeks could go so quickly while being able to do so much.    

Freshers is now over and onto Autumn term at Buckingham, enjoying the British weather and more in person classes. 

During Freshers the BSU held a workout and a Taskmaster social, as well as a challenge for people to attempt at the Freshers Fair – thank you to all of the clubs for getting involved. It was lovely to hear about everyone's passions and enjoyments, with questions about current clubs and possible new ones thrown our way on Wednesday. It was also lovely to see Buckingham RUFC, Royals Korfball and Milton Keynes Lacrosse join us.  

Last term was packed with activities and with our desire to give you a new sport to try every week; it was reinforced how competitive the Buckingham students are while playing rounders and completing the Chancellor's Cup for the first time in 2 years. A huge highlight for the BSU was every club training back in person, and the new club executives being chosen.  

This term is just as busy as we are coming up to elections for the BSU executive roles – for more information ask myself, Melina, Liv, Grace or Sarah. We are also holding social events every fortnight including a back to school night, a sporting challenge night and an open Spotify social. To get involved purchase your BSU membership on the website.  

Of course, this term we have exams. Good luck to everyone who are doing their first, third or finals. Wishing you a great term, and can't wait to see you at clubs or socials.  

Kelsie Wright 

BSU President