Crewe Football Club v Keele iSoc

As Crewe iSoc had just wrapped their first event, Keele iSoc reached out to try and collaborate on future events across the two universities. As a first event, they were keen on a football match and all of our members at UoB Crewe FC were up for the challenge!

The match was eventually decided to be played at their Keele's Sport Centre and to be played in a 7-a-side 1-hour long format with rolling subs. As the match kicked off, some early footwork brilliance shown from Keele's midfield and attack tested Crewe's defenders' awareness and composure as they worked hard with interceptions. However, an unintentional error from the defence made Crewe concede the first goal. The first half went on to become quite contested with both sides showing good chemistry with Crewe particularly switching the ball down the middle; the first half ended with the score 2-2.


Some aggressive tackles from both sides at the start of the second half meant the play had to be stopped multiple times and the flow of the game became choppy. As each side were battling it out for the winner, it was Keele who bagged theirs after a strong shot off a deflection. Crewe were an inch close to quickly scoring an equaliser back in the final minute from a close direct free kick but a slight lack of finishing limited us to a 3-2 defeat at full time.


Nonetheless, both sides look forward to playing the rematch likely to be at Crewe. This will be in collaboration with Crewe iSoc alongside the many events we have in mind with Keele so stay posted for that!