Freshers Fair 2023 in Buckingham and Crewe


Over the past two weeks we held our two January starter Freshers Fairs; Wednesday 8th Feb on the Buckingham Campus and Wednesday 15th Feb at the Crewe Campus. This year, we held the fairs in the evening and saw a huge increase in attendance. In Buckingham we had around 200 students attend, and 70 students in Crewe out of a cohort of 90 joined us!

Thank you to all of the incredible societies who attended and put on great interactive activities; it was incredible to see everyone getting into the spirit of the event with 22 societies in attendance out of 24. We also had many external organisations join us, providing information and opportunities for students.

A big thank you to the SU staff and sabbaticals who made these events happen. Can’t wait to see all the events our societies host over the next year, let’s make September Freshers even better!