Men's Football Club President update

This term has seen even more growth in the football club. After the addition of the medics in January training sessions are seeing record numbers of 35 in the group. Training sessions have included players of a variety of cultures, abilities and positions contributing to an embracive atmosphere.

Throughout the term our members have had the opportunity to participate in extra activities outside the usual training sessions. In March we took on Men for Mind in our first 11 aside game in which the lads proved their competitive spirit, despite the narrow 5-4 defeat. This game set a marker for where we are at as a team displayed promising signs going forward.

Other than this we have strengthened bonds off the field with an only club members pool tournament. This saw 16 members battle it out in a nail-biting competition seeing the nerves get the better of a lot of members.


Sessions start off with team-based drills focused on enhancing technical skills and our members cooperation organised by our coach Andy. To finish off the session we go into competitive 6 aside matches which brings out the lad’s true desire to win. This term we have managed to include another session on Fridays so that all members get a minimum 3 hours of football on the Swan Pool astro-turf a week.


We have continued our participation in the local 6 aside league this term on Monday nights with massive improvements in our results. As you can see below, we have gone from 9th to 3rd this term in the league due to the commitment to improve from our players.


With the addition of the hungry medics, we will be implementing a medic team into the 6 aside league staring form next term, organised by the new football med executive Mina Abdelsaied.

The dedication this term from our members demonstrates we are on track of the dream to have a registered 11 aside team starting in September.

Going forward…

As we go into April, we are looking to continue growth in the football club by keeping up the extra events. This will include more 11 aside matches, a fifa tournament and watching Champions League nights as a club.

We actively encourage anyone interested in football, regardless of playing experience, to come down and give the training session a try. Take the leap and join us for a session!

If you see me on campus feel free to come say hi and ask questions or if not for more information please contact me on  and follow us on Instagram for frequent updates on the direction of the club - @uob_football_