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Hi everyone,  


I have had a very fun and interesting time so far in the position of Vice President of our Students’ Union. I am now 5 months into the position and it has really shown me how much potential both our SU and our societies have, and I am very happy to be a part of that process. I have been meeting on a variety of projects as well as giving my input on the development of our university. However, let me first catch you up on what I have been up to.  


  1. Building up societies to be stronger than ever!
    We have had quite a few societies start up over the past term and I am pleased to say that they are being led by strong individuals who are prepared to invest both their time and effort into providing a variety of events to students, aiding our move as an SU in offering a varied make-up of events, so that our event rosters operate as inclusively as possible. This was made obvious through the pandemic highlighting that we need more diversity and creative thinking behind our events going forward as our “go-to’s” were no longer viable. I am proud to report that they are all exploring the unknown and trying to build upon a foundation forged under tough conditions.

  2. Better supporting our societies!
    We at the SU understand that running a society is no easy feat and we do not want it to feel like a sacrifice but rather that our student leaders look back on it in a positive light after graduating. I am supporting societies foundationally, by reviewing governance and incorporating best practices. I am open to any recommendations that societies and students can give me in this light. Functionally the more people involved, the more fit for purpose my work will be. Executive teams all struggle with university work much like any other student but they also have the added pressure of being responsible to their members as well as their SU. We want to reduce the barriers to running societies as much as possible, in so that the burden is lessened on Executives - allowing them to hit the ground running and promoting the prolonged and consistent propagation of such societies, of which harbour activity by students for students. 
  3. Rewarding our societies and student leaders!
    Personally, this is an area I felt we needed to address sooner rather than later and I am happy to say that we are. Come August we will be rewarding our societies and their leaders alongside the BSU’s Sports Clubs at the upcoming Sports and Societies Awards. I am very happy to be involved in that in representing and rewarding our societies for their excellent service this year. As I mentioned in the point above, it is not the simplest task to run a society and I am glad to announce they will now be better rewarded for their hard work. Providing continuity in engagement with the University.
  4. Evolving our website!
    We have a new website, but you probably know that since you are reading this now. However, we can always make it better and that is my general plan. I wish to see our website blossom as I believe it will be a great way of expressing student life on campus - helping further recognise your work as society executives. Yet also, it attracts those prospective students for Buckingham is the right choice for them - where attracting students to the SU, no doubt increases engagement with the SU, adding to the vibrancy on campus.  We are always looking to make new and important changes and innovations and we welcome any and all suggestions that will elevate the website.


Don’t worry, I’m not just focussed on societies!
I am planning a variety of events, offering in providing you all with activities and entertainment. I am planning events for Buckingham Campus but also for our campus up in Crewe. I look forward to meeting as many of our students as possible, be it if you are here for a foundation, bachelors, masters or a PHD then come along and participate in your community. I am a firm believer that students make the best events and the best way to facilitate that is to improve our societies and provide platforms for our students to work from. 

I see the SU as something that is still growing, in fact we are constantly evolving - we rely on your input to help tailor that evolution, to help ensure our SU is fit for purpose. Feel free to reach out to me on any issues, ideas or questions you may have at  


Your SU Vice President & Activities Officer,
Henry Hunt 


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