SU Executive Spring Term Update


  • This term I engaged in active conversations with the Head of Estates on implementing recycling bins on campus. Although recycling bins have not yet been introduced, there has been a more positive outlook on introducing them.
  • I have been continuously trying to support the Wellbeing, Skills and Diversity team by ensuring they get the recognition that they require. To increase transparency, I created an Instagram page for WSD which has been extremely successful so far. 
  • I have introduced two gender neutral toilets in the OTM on the bottom floor.
  • I have asked Matthew (Police community safety officer) to walk around Chandos Park with me so we could highlight the safety areas of concern which he is taking to the town council in addition to my submitted report.
  • Matthew and Rachel (community safety officer) have been meeting with myself and the WSD team frequently to understand and tackle violence against women on campus. Safety alarms are soon to be introduced to students.
  • As Brandyn has stepped down, Toby and I have been working towards getting the community garden up and running. We are working with estates to find a location to start the gardening process. I hope to progress through this next term and complete it.
  • I have been sitting on the student drug advisory panel where myself and students from other universities try and research alcohol abuse, which will eventually be written into a research paper.


  • This past Trimester I have been working on further creating a better and more equitable experience in regards to the management of societies. One such change is society AGMs will occur in October this year as August is not a good time for our Medical students. They struggle to attend and even perform AGMs as 1st Year Medics have holidays in the beginning of August while 2nd Year Medics have exams in the latter half of August. Hopefully this will mean we see more Medical Societies carrying on into the New Year as well as Medics taking on societies that are not related to academia.
  • While investigating when an opportune time would be for AGMs and events I discovered how few weeks in a year that students are not dealing with exams, revision or on holiday across the differing faculties. It was discovered that on both the Buckingham and Crewe Campus there are only 13 weeks in the year that fit within the aforementioned parameters. I am now in talk with the university’s Senior Management Team in regards to how we can fix this or at the very least improve so we can align more courses to each other.


  • I sent out a questionnaire concerning if students feel represented at the university, both personally and culture wise. Through this, I asked for suggestions on ways our student union can help to make people feel more included. I reviewed the results with some of my colleagues and generated ideas on how to tackle the feedback received
  • I supported the Pride Society in setting up events for Pride month. I had a meeting with the team executives to discuss their ideas and directed them to the relevant channels to ensure the successful planning and execution of their plans. With these events, we hope to ensure that our lgbtq+ student population feel represented.
  • Concerning the cultural aspect, I worked with Henry (the SU Vice President) on addressing the cultural societies to seek their ideas on how to ensure the various cultures and we have at the university are represented. The email was sent out and I have received some responses, I aim to work on these in the coming term.


  • The number of BSU members are now upwards of 250 as of June 2022, this is a significant increase from the beginning of this year which was roughly 110 members.
  • Over the last few months the BSU has been working to have a dedicated space to watch the major sports events happening around the world, we have successfully shown the 6 Nations rugby as well as many football matches thanks to the collaboration of the BSU and the OTM working to make sports viewing on campus a reality. We have broken the barriers that previous generations have dealt with regards to commercial licencing for sports viewing. We are working to increase the number of sports available to watch however we have made a brilliant start.
  • We are working towards improving Buckingham and Crewe relations. This is obviously a major challenge as the two campuses run on different timetables which makes events for both campuses difficult to manoeuvre. However, this year we are making great strides in making sure the Crewe students are not left out of our annual Sports and Societies Awards Evening to not only give Crewe students recognition of the brilliant work they are doing for their respective sports teams but to encourage the interaction of students from both campuses in a fun and exciting setting.
  • This year we have encouraged collaboration with the different sports clubs. This includes all cross over events such as the UOB Bears rugby team v the Buckingham Bullets Cheerleaders in a dodgeball game and the UOB Football team v the UOB Bears rugby team in football. This has been a great method of engaging participants of each respective sport and creating connections that go beyond just one sports team. Furthermore, we host a quiz in the OTM once each term to keep the sports knowledge up to standard withing the sporting community. However, anyone in welcome to join.
  • In the first term the BSU President, Adam Pilling, created a platform which allows all external sports to be submitted and recognition to be given in return. This platform has helped recognise the participation of members participating in sports at levels higher than interuniversity competition. We are proud of the progress we have on this portal which can be found on the BSU Instagram page.


  • This term ended up with more work behind the scenes than expected. I have been working with the WSD department on the Mental Health Charter, which is very exciting! Alcohol impact and DSA (Disabled Student Allowance) meetings have also been on the radar, but it is a bit too soon to look for results there. I would say that the launch of the WSD Instagram has been one of the more exciting things this term, so go and give it a follow to make sure you are in the loop of everything they are doing!


  • This term I have been continuing with Student Support Services working group organising student representation in sub groups covering areas such as accommodation, student conduct and wellbeing.
  • We secured a Crewe SU Instagram page for promoting events and engaging with societies - keep an eye out for this!!
  • I chaired the student staff liaison committee for Allied Health and arranged for clarification from the Dean on issues raised.


  • During Term 4, I began my work as the MEO focusing on improving the atmosphere with regards to concern raising and general relations between staff, students and the SU. I have had many fruitful meetings with a variety of staff members on this issue including Joanne Jackson, Katy Evans and Tom Evans. Now that we have discussed the matter in depth, we have begun working towards implementing solutions to create a more positive atmosphere.
  • I have also worked closely with the Medical School in dealing with several other issues, chief among them the re-opening of the Chandos Road Building so that it is once again a 24/7 space. Introspection is also important and to that end, I have spoken to my colleagues about ways we can improve the SU and at times. have challenged the SU policy where necessary, for example in reforming the elections process for Academic Representatives.
  • Overall, I would say last term was characterised by co-operation on all fronts, and I look forward to working with staff and students alike in the term which has just begun. 


  • No update has been provided from Toby, despite asking for the update regularly.