Student business flies high

Daisy Mae Butlin

My name is Daisie Mae Butlin and I’m currently a student here at the University of Buckingham studying Security, Intelligence & Cyber. I joined Buckingham in January this year, so everything is still new, exciting and I have a lot to learn! I’m pleased that I’ve been able to continue with one of my greatest passions – my handmade beauty business Daisie Mae Beauty which has been established since April 2021. 

I’ve always enjoyed making things and have tried lots of different crafts with my family before taking an interest in handmade beauty products. Over the last few years, I have undertaken lots of market research around different fragrances, packaging, and products before settling on the products I make which I’m pleased to say are cruelty-free and have certification from a Cosmetic Chemist meaning I’m officially allowed to sell these. I pride myself on making products that smell delicious and feel luxurious on your skin, a plus point for my body butters is they are vegan friendly and in recyclable plastic pots which is important to me and of course the environment. My labels are made from recycled paper so as you can see, I’m doing everything possible to ensure I take the right steps to appeal to the customer and protect the environment. 

I currently advertise and sell my product via Etsy, Facebook, and various craft fairs throughout the year and of course most recently in the OTM. If you head over to my page my product images are what I have created myself with fruit/flowers props in my home kitchen – no professional photos here! As you can see it has been a labour of love, but I’ve enjoyed every minute! 

A highlight for me must be taking part in The Enterprise 4 All event and winning the competition recently. I had to pitch my business for the chance to win £150 in front of other pitchers and the “Buckingham Dragon’s Den Panel”. I never expected to win and appreciate all the sound advice and encouragement from Nigel, Nic, Graham and Trevor. Winning this makes me more determined to be successful and was a great opportunity for me to gain presentation experience for future investment pitches.  

If you are interested in indulging and treating yourself to a product or two or even buying as a gift for a friend, I currently have available lip balms, body butters and hand creams. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with all the new and exciting products that will be launching over the next few months, I’d love to receive feedback on current products and ideas for products and fragrances for the future.

Check out my instagram and my website