University Mental Health Day: Self-Care Tips from the SU

Thursday March 4th is University Mental Health Day and the Buckingham SU has been working hard to increase awareness and provide advice to better support students both on campus and remotely. 

On Monday 1st March, BSU and Sports Club executives took part in a Mental Health in Sport workshop led by Sarah Ruff, our Sports Coordinator and qualified Mental Health in Sports trainer. They learned how to recognise and support teammates experiencing mental health difficulties as well as how to make the culture in their clubs more inclusive. All participants were engaged, some great discussions were had and expertise shared.

Here is some advice from the team on how to prioritise self-care and maintain good mental health!

"When planning your day or your week, plan for the day you would like to have. Creating unsustainable timetables risks setting yourself up for failure. Fitting in when you are: eating/cooking, breaks, walks, TV, gaming - provided you do so sensibly and in moderation. Curtailing feelings of guilt, inspired by an impossible timetable; whilst meeting all your needs and managing your timetabling "diet" into manageable chunks." ~ Kris Sheard (SU President)

"When I'm feeling down or am really stressed out I try and make time for myself to either have a nice relaxing bath or really dive into a videogame. Also, to boost my mood I will listen to music which I find to be the best method in keeping me bouncing around." ~ Henry Hunt (SU Vice President)

"Over the past few months I have tried to keep up practicing a bit of yoga once a week, even if it is only for 10 minutes. It's not always been easy to keep healthy over lockdown, but a bit of exercise helps me feel less lethargic. I also find reading a good book helps me relax, as I am taking time out just for myself" ~ Meg Pettitt (Students’ Union Administrator)

I always try and get some fresh air and go for a walk every day - it always makes me feel better and its time away from looking at my phone/laptop/TV which is really important. If I am feeling stressed or just a bit down I will have a nice hot bath, put a face mask on and listen to a podcast to help take my mind of things - self-care is very important J ~ Sarah Ruff (Sports Coordinator)

“In order to keep myself mentally well and take care of myself I always make sure to leave my house for at least half an hour/ an hour every day. It gives me a chance to get some fresh air say hello to other people walking by and get me out of where I am currently working and living all day. It is important to change your scenery as much as you can to keep your brain busy and keep yourself mentally healthy.” ~ Andy Young (Student Activities Coordinator Crewe Campus)

"I practice good mental health and self care by making sure i put my phone away an hour before bed. I read a book instead of scrolling through. I also make sure that I exercise for at least 30 mins every day and ideally outside so I'm getting fresh air" ~ Brook Jones (Membership Services Manager)

“I always make sure to take a step back from whatever is causing me harm/stress, and come back to it when I’m ready. Also, listening to music is a big part of spending some time alone where you don't have to think about anything.” ~ Arzu Abdullayeva (Student)


Don’t forget that it’s also okay to ask for help, we’re not supposed to be superheroes all the time! The Students First team are always available to talk to so reach out.