We are a Society that focuses on the health and wellbeing of populations. We aim to promote health equality and inclusiveness and help raise awareness.

We started this society to connect students with similar interests to engage in activities that would ultimately help bridge the health gap that currently exists in different population groups and to help improve the health of all populations while promoting health initiatives in vulnerable communities. Some of the aims of the society are as follows: 


  • Set up student led clinics and workshops and form new partnerships with healthcare providers around the community  
  • Work with underserved communities and promote health initiatives to vulnerable communities  
  • Volunteer for Public Health causes, crowdfunding, Campaigns and work with organisations with similar interests  
  • Set up outreaches e.g. in primary and secondary schools and introduce mentorships  
  • Design Health promotion leaflets, fact sheets and campaigns  
  • Meet and engage in active discussions regarding healthcare, emerging trends and issues.  
  • Have opportunities for students to go for conferences and talks and invite speakers  


We welcome anyone with a passion in Public Health and a strong drive to help others!We always encourage all our members to take initiative when it comes to opportunities or ideas that they feel might benefit the society and its members.

To find out more about the society, please visit our website at:




We look forward to welcoming you to the Society!

UBMS Public Health Society 


Please Note that the membership fee for the Society for this year is £3