Welcome to the Law Society! If you want to know more about what the Law Society is, and what we do for students, continue reading! :)

The Law Society is here to support students on their university journey. We organise a range of activities, from law-related ones to social activities. Thus far, we have organised:

  • Meet & Greet event for first year students (hosted at Binn Buckingham)
  • "How Can I Become a Magistrate?" in collaboration with Xingang Wang, Justice of Peace and Lisa Baskott, Justice of Peace 
  • Mix and Mingle at Whitehart Buckingham 
  • Quiz night at the OTM refectory 
  • Helping organise the Eat, Gather and Pray Iftaar event in collaboration with the UOB law school

Events to look forward to for the rest of the term:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Panel Discussion on 17th May 
  • Exam Study Skills and Group Session on 13th May 

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Here are a few reasons to purchase membership: 

  1. leading a team to effect change 
  2. boosting employability by strengthening your cirriculum vitae (CV) 
  3. having a sense of community with like-minded individuals 
  4. being a part of a society run by students for students
  5. receiving discounts or free entry tickets to member exclusive events