Become a member of the UoB Crewe Medical Society! We are a society aiming to foster an inclusive and supportive medical community here at University of Buckingham Crewe Campus. Our goal is to enrich the university experience for you, the students, through academic and social activities.  

Why Join?

  • Regular revision sessions
  • Social events
  • Peer support
  • Career relevant resources e.g. Guest talks from specialist doctors 
  • Friendly and inclusive community based locally for Crewe students 

Allied health and other disciplines welcome! 

Note: Crewe Medical Society supports collaborative peer learning. Student-created revision resources made by the society members are free and available to all University of Buckingham medical students. If you wish to have access to these resources please email the society executives at crewemedsoc@gmail.com with your student ID.


The revision materials were created by students and are not reviewed by the medical school. As unregulated revision materials, though the society carries out periodical internal reviews of the existing material, we are unable to provide assurances to the quality and precision of the resources.