About Me

I am a Canadian British student studying in the UK for the second time! I am currently studying Medicine at Crewe campus and I enjoy playing football, cooking and I enjoy trying new things. If you know me you will know I don't mind challenging the norms and love introducing new things.

My Role as Crewe Campus Officer

I am here to represent Crewe campus students and be the voice at the table for our campus. I am also here to integrate our two campuses and really try and blur the lines of separation and unite the two campuses. 

My Goals

  • Improving Crewe campus needs - adequate study spaces, an adequate gym to help us all stay healthy and fit- mentally and physically
  • Help integrate both campuses via events 
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing services on campus 
  • Maintain fair and equitable treatment of all students at Crewe campus in conjunction with Buckingham campus

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