About Me


My Role as Crewe Campus Liaison

The Crewe Campus Students Liaison is responsible for representing the unique needs and concerns of students at the Crewe campus.


My Goals

When many students get placed at Crewe campus, they are unsure of what to expect. A smaller town, a smaller campus— at first glance it may seem lacklustre. However, after spending a year at the campus, I've realized the campus is bursting with potential and filled with many students who have innovative ideas to improve the campus. They just need their ideas to be heard. As Crewe Campus liaison, I act as a vessel to express these concerns.

Frustrated with a lack of competitive sporting events? Feeling disconnected during virtual lectures? Yearning for increased research opportunities or simply looking for more desirable social events? My goal is to help create a campus that addresses those concerns— I am aiming to bridge the gap. Drawing from my experience as a student ambassador, I've had various opportunities to listen to students from different courses and take note of concerns regarding the campus. Based on said concerns, I aim to ensure that each voice is valued and heard. My primary focus revolves around improving student life. This encompasses many aspects including student-led social events, academic opportunities/guidance, increased social support for students away from home, as well as increased study spaces for students to thrive. Additionally, I would like to provide feedback on student support available, advocating for resources that have proven beneficial, compared to those that have been less impactful. I'm not one to shy away from speaking up and I would gladly voice any student concerns, no matter what they are. Finally, I will explore venturing to local businesses and/or nearby universities to foster collaborations that would further improve the student experience at our campus. 

I am honoured to be granted to opportunity to represent Crewe campus, working together to create a memorable university experience for all. 


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