SU Pop-Up Shop In High Demand

As part of the Students’ Union commitment to promoting enterprise and strengthening relations with the local community, when the OTM building was refurbished, a space was allocated for a Pop-Up shop. The space is available for use by local or student businesses and also provides value to students and staff who are able to discover new goods and services and support fellow students in their business endeavors.

Over the Winter term we welcomed a total of seven businesses into the space, including two student businesses and one mystery gallery that raised over £300 for the Willen Hospice. Our first student business was Daisie Mae Beauty (you can read about her experience here) who sold more than at any other fair or market stall. Our second student business saw Ella launching a completely new business she had been planning for a while, but was unsure on how to get started. The Pop-Up was the perfect risk free opportunity for her to test out her awesome tie-dye charity shop hoodies and sweaters.


Every Wednesday in term time we had something different from bath bombs to handmade wooden shot glass holders, we noticed staff and students coming to the Mill to see what would be on offer that Wednesday. We plan to continue providing something new and exciting every Wednesday in term time.

Demand for the shop has been high and we are fully booked for the current Spring term without having to do any marketing. If you run a business, have a suggestion or a student business please do get in touch if you would like to use the space. Send enquiries to